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Sewer Inspections and buying a Home

Drain Cleaning Danvers, Ma

As the owner at Quality Sewer & Drain in Danvers, Ma I’d like to take a minute and talk about drain cleaning and home inspections that include a video of your sewer line 

For the 2nd time this month we got called to a sewer back up at a residents in Danvers they just moved in within the week, one being the day of the move.  This being said if your buying a home and not having your sewer line inspected before hand to see the condition of the line you can be putting your self at risk for a sewage backup or emergency repairs that could have been spotted ahead of time. As a home owner you should no the condition of your sewer line. when you buy a house with septic system it needs to be inspected and maintained. I’m just trying to look out for the best interest within our community.  That being said you can trust and call on us for these services or another company that provides that type of service as long as your protecting your investment.

We provide inspection services, Cleaning, Repairs and Installation of sewer lines , And even Trench less repair technology

Thanks for reading I just felt bad for the customers when moving into a new home and this kinda situation arrives. 


Russell Joe

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