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Most pipes in Boston's North Shore area – and other parts of the northeast where weather conditions tend to vary greatly by season – end up having to deal with corrosion. If this is what's affecting your pipes, you may benefit from pipe coating, a fast, cost-effective solution offered by Quality Sewer & Drain. This top-notch option often works well on residential, commercial, and industrial sewer and drain lines.

About Our Crew

Family-owned and local, Quality Sewer & Drain brings 20-plus years of combined experience to every job. We provide trenchless services in Boston's North Shore areas as well as Southern Maine and New Hampshire. Certified as an installer by Picote, Trelleborg, and Hammerhead, we're a NASSCO member company that keeps the needs of our clients in mind with quality service that includes:

  • Pricing that's honest and fair
  • Technicians who are courteous and punctual
  • Services that save you time and money
  • Accurate pre-work assessments and estimates

What is Pipe Coating?

The purpose of pipe coating is to add strength and durability to interior pipe surfaces while minimizing further corrosion. With pipe coating, an epoxy coating or spray is applied to the inside of pipes. Prior to applying the coating, we clean the affected pipe thoroughly to help with the adhesion process when the coating is applied. We inspect the pipe first to determine if there are any other issues that may need resolution or if other restoration techniques may be more appropriate.

Issues It Addresses

The main issue pipe coating addresses is corrosion, which is a common issue with sewer and drain lines. If left uncoated, pipes, especially older cast iron ones, are susceptible to rust, deterioration, and wear. In some instances, pipe coating may be able to address minor structural flaws. However, we may recommend pipe lining instead if this is the case, depending on the condition of the pipe.

Pipe Coating Benefits

Boosting the lifespan of pipes is the most appealing benefit of pipe coating for many of our clients. When residential, commercial, or industrial pipes are properly coated, it's also common to enjoy added benefits that include:

  • Improved pipe flow and function
  • Fewer issues with blockages
  • Added strength and integrity, which also reduces problems with tree root intrusions
  • Easy application that doesn't require excavation

Call Today to Get Started

If you suspect your pipes may be affected by corrosion and benefit from pipe coating, reach out to the team from Quality Sewer & Drain. As New England's top pipe rehabilitation company, we take pride in offering solutions suitable for our client’s needs and budgets. Call us or fill out the form today to set up an appointment.

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